Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Lookout, birds and airshow

After a week on the mountain top looking for smoke, the regular lookout observer returned and Hailey and I were off duty again.  As it turned out, there was a helicopter available, so we were able to get a lift out, and Hailey got to log her 9th helicopter trip.


Before long, we were setting down at my old fire camp, so we got to chat with a few of the old gang in camp.  They are complaining about a slow fire season in Alberta this year.


Before long we were at home again, just in time to play host to Don & Donna from Driving Miss Donna fame, as they returned from a recent trip down into Idaho.  It was good to get caught up with them again as our visit down at Lake Roosevelt was shorter than expected last spring.



With the bird feeders filled, it wasn’t long before the feathered ones were back.IMG_3100IMG_3092IMG_3098IMG_3087IMG_3051IMG_3038IMG_8373

Then it was off to the Wings over Springbank airshow


After that, it was back on the road again!  Stay tuned …


  1. Awesome looking birds of a feather !

  2. Nine helicopter trips for Hailey....Wow. I was up 'once' over Miami Beach Florida in late 1965 with my Aunt Jean. Some cats just have all the luck.